Our farm is situated 100 m above sea level and 7 km south of Grosseto with a surface of 30 hectares. 6 hectares are vineyards and 2 hectares are olive groves. The rest was once pasture for the sheep and is today used for the cultivation of cereals.

Our most important activity concerns the vineyards where we have a lot to do until the harvest in September and then in the wine cellar, where Andrea and his father Ademio take care of the different processing and conservation steps of our wine.

We mostly produce Morellino di Scansano, a red wine of national importance and a prestige of the province Grosseto.

This wine is made of carefully chosen grapes, 85 % Sangiovese and 15 % Ciliegiolo (native grapes characterised by their bouquet and their ruby red colour).

You’ll find a bottle of our Morellino in your apartment so you might taste it by yourself.

In addition we produce extra-vergin olive oil IGP, from our 350 olive trees. Every year in November Serena, Andrea and his mother Franca collect the olives and bring them to the oil mill in order to produce our really tasty olive oil. You will find a sample in your apartment.

Since 2012 we have got a photovoltaic system in order to produce our own energy, one step more towards renewable energies