The external

Il cantiniere is in really tuscan maremma and here peace and silence are dominating: it’s easy to explain….

The Street “Aurelia” isn’t far away but all the noise is blocked by a few little hills that divide “ il cantiniere” from the sea, as well as from the confusion. The view is amazing, alternating little hills and plains, with the “Monte Amiata” in the background.

If you like a little walk you might reach the hill with the old cork oak, it’s right at the back of our farmhouse and from the top you have a perfect view over the whole Tuscan Maremma, with the sea reflecting the sun.

Otherwise you might take one of our mountain bikes, always available for you, and have a ride under the trees, just remember that all the nice descents you’ll find at your departure from “ il cantiniere” will be ascents coming back. Don’t worry, if you can’t make it on your way back  we’ll come and pick you up.

Another possibility is just to relax in the shadow of our garden, reading a book or playing cards while listening to the chirping of the cicadas and crickets and watching the swallows flying in the sky. You will forget soon the noise and traffic of the city.

On clear nights you might see a marvellous starry sky, which creates, together with the complete silence, an ideal background for a perfect holiday.